Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Name of this Band is Haptic Jacket

"Naming the band" is a favorite game of mine (I'll post a list one of these days). I found the ultimate band name for me, Haptic Jacket, in a small item on

Fowl play

Sure we've collapsed time and space -- in a manner of speaking -- but we still can't actually "reach out and touch someone" who's not in the room. Yet. Researchers are now testing a device, relegated to experimental chickens at this early hour, that will allow us to have tactile experiences mediated by the web.

The prototype consists of a faux chicken with sensors hooked up to a computer in one location. In another, an actual chicken is fitted with a haptic jacket (a suit with corresponding sensors) also hooked up to a computer.

When the computers are turned on, signals are sent from the chicken to the sensors...from the sensors to the computer...from computer to computer and so on to the "chicken" which mimics the movements of the real thing.

And, as Wired puts it: "Fondling the doll translates into touching the real fowl."

Speculated uses include dance lessons, safer interaction with pets and wild animals, and, of course, "safe" and anonymous sex.

Fortunately for the abstinence-only crowd this potential challenge is more than a decade away... Posted by Evan on May 17, 2005 @ 11:09AM.

What a beautiful, typical application of technology! Allowing chickens to express themselves through interpretive dance and puppet theater. Until we find a way to apply it to sex, of course.

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Impetua said...

I groove on Haptic Jacket. And virtual chicken fondling. Will wonders never cease?!