Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcome, Ruth!

The baby has landed!

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November 17th FINALLY arrived, and a whole slew of us trekked out to meet the newest member of the family.

12 adults and only 1 brought a camera!

Here are the best of the shots.

There'll be time for more intimate portraits later.

Though in her dad's arms, "Roo" is interested her in Grandpa Adams...

And the proud & excited grandmas!

The shirt says "Hi, I'm new here."

Meeting Grandpa Benting for the first time, and her godfather, John, too:

Very interested in the balloon.

With her new mom & dad!

Meeting cousin Serena for the first time, Ruth was fascinated! Serena was tickled to be the "big girl" for a change.

No more airports! Leaving PDX.

Not going home yet. First, the requisite stop at Elmer's.

Got a bit bored waiting for everyone to get there and get our breakfast order placed...

OK, her Aunt Margaret started it! Serena demonstrating her architectural prowess.

Ruth: "Hey, waiter! Down here!"

Breakfast in America

Who's the cutest thing? Why, that'd be YOU!

Congratulations to the entire family, and another warm welcome for Ruth.

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1 comment:

Impetua said...

She is so adorable! Her new parents must just be over the moon.

Delia's middle name is Ruth so I heartily approve of their choice. :)