Friday, April 21, 2006

I Hate Cilantro!

My sister-in-law, who besides being brilliant is also a terrific cook, sympathetically sent me the link to I Hate Cilantro, an online anti-cilantro community. I immediately felt right at home. Why is it that every time I run into this nasty, soapy-tasting substance, the server acts like no one has EVER objected to it before? I'm going to take their pie chart with me next time so I can show the restaurant what our legions think cilantro really tastes like.

Just for fun, I created a member profile there, but in the interest of privacy, I left the gender and DOB as the defaults, so it says I'm a six-year-old boy. Whatever.


Mandos said...

So much Asian cooking can't happen without cilantro. However some people are genetically predisposed to taste it badly. Tastebud sensitivity is partly inherited.

Alex said...

Impetua said...

As you know, I neither love it nor hate it. I am indifferent to it so long as it is used in sensible quantities, i.e. barely discernible in the milieu of flavors it's supposed to be enhancing.

However, an overly enthusiastic amount of cilantro in any preparation is an abomination unto the Lord and those responsible shall be thrown into a fiery pit of burning cilantro for all eternity.

I have spoken.

Anonymous said...

Who says you have to eat it to enjoy it?

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