Thursday, April 06, 2006

Who Ever Thought Harassment Could Be This Fun?

I have just spent a good hour or so laughing bitterly over the fabulous Holla Back NYC page, which just goes to show what you CAN do with a simple blog format like this. It's a place where women in New York City can post camera-phone pictures of creeps who harass them on the street. Even without a picture of the jerk(s) in question, it's a safe space in which to tell your story, whether you're laughing, spitting mad, or crying about it.

(When you visit, slide down the right margin to find previous posts and archived posts, in case the ones that are up don't impress you sufficiently.)

It makes me simultaneously enraged (you wouldn't believe some of these men) and ecstatic (I love this concept!). Definitely worth checking out, but beware of the hopelessly foul language and slimy behavior that strangers feel a woman might enjoy.

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